We'd like to give you a peek at the latest in innovative & cost effective water treatment—ChitoVan™. Our ChitoVan™ treatment can handle turbid construction runoff, chemical pollutants or stormwater easily and efficiently without breaking the bank. ChitoVan™ water treatment technology naturally treats by coagulation. It gathers the smallest of suspended sediment and contaminants resulting in an uncontaminated discharge into any bio filtration area, settling pond, settling tank, or dewatering bag. DESI's ChitoVan™ products all share these leading edge qualities in water treatment to clean billions of gallons of water in North America:

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Chitovan™ is an innovative, all-natural eco-friendly solution to water quality issues. Coupled with our laboratory expertise to customize our process to suit any customer's particular issues, the ChitoVan™ process can always be in step with your needs no matter what they may be. We pride ourselves at delivering the highest quality solutions at the most affordable price.

Dungeness Environmental Solutions - Adaptable Adaptable
Our ChitoVan™ process coupled with our laboratory expertise is completely adaptable to any water quality problem you may experience now or over time as needs change.

As a passive process ChitoVan™ can be installed quickly enabling you to setup and begin capturing contaminates immediately. As a true passive treatment, ChitoVan™ requires very little equipment and no external energy source. It is easy to install and maintain and is very flexible. Most necessary treatment elements are already in place or available on many construction sites. Just add the ChitoVan™ cartridge process in the most appropriate location and monitor its performance. With a little planning this method is capable of consistently reducing water turbidity by greater than 90%.

The passive ChitoVan treatment process is best suited for sites that have concentrated flow, adequately sized settling ponds and a natural vegetated area for filtration.

Example of Passive Treatment with ChitoVan™
Dungeness Environmental Solutions, Inc. - ChitoVan™ Passive Treatment Example

Our ChitoVan™ process is also well suited to either semi-passive or active treatment as well. Technically, the difference between semi-passive and passive is small. Semi-passive treatment simply utilizes external energy (ie: a pump) to move water. Like passive treatment, semi-passive treatment is inexpensive, easy to install and easy to maintain. Both passive and semi-passive treatment is accomplished with our ChitoVan™ chitosan lactate cartridge, cartridge applicator, settling basin and natural filtration. ChitoVan™ semi-passive treatment is suited for a wider range of projects because it can be accomplished with a smaller footprint and allows for more versatility.

With a little planning and correct installation, semi-passive treatment using our ChitoVan™ process is capable of consistently reducing water turbidity by greater than 95%.

ChitoVan™ can also be easily adapted to full active treatment. A more aggressive approach to water treatment, requiring significantly more equipment to archive turbidity reduction, the ChitoVan™ process utilizes chitosan (typically in its liquid acetate form) to flocculate solids. The floc then can be separated from water by gravity settling and pressurized sand filtration. Active treatment is highly effective at removing suspended solids and typically achieves a turbidity reduction of greater than 99%.

Example of Active Treatment with ChitoVan™
Dungeness Environmental Solutions, Inc. - ChitoVan™ Passive Treatment Example
Dungeness Environmental Solutions - Innovative Efficient
Whichever process suits your needs, you can expect at least 90% turbidity reduction (passive treatments) and up to over 99% reduction for a full active system. That is efficiency. Coupled with our custom laboratory enhancements of the ChitoVan™ processes, even greater efficiencies are available to you.

Dungeness Environmental Solutions - Innovative Cost Effective
Any DESI ChitoVan™ process from a strictly passive system to an active facility is more efficient per percentage of turbidity decrease per dollar than most any other method today.

Dungeness Environmental Solutions - Innovative Ecologically Kind
Our ChitoVan™ process uses chitosan lactate, a naturally derived biopolymer that in the past was considered nuisance waste in seafood processing. Since chitosan is derived directly from nature and considered waste, it stands to reason that its reuse in this higher form is as kind to the environment as any form of filtration can be.
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